This homepage describes three training programs...

First program: in English: Training of Cognitive Strategies - in French: Entraînement de stratégies cognitives - in German: Training kognitiver Strategien - in Italian: Analisi visiva e strategie cognitive - in Spanish: Entrenamiento de estrategias cognitivas

Second program: in French: Entraînement du raisonnement inductif - in German: Training induktiven Denkens

The school version of the first and the second program: in German: Schulversion von Training kognitiver Strategien und Training induktiven Denkens

Third program: in German: SakkadeT und SakkadeP (at the present time not available)

...and a test of denomination for aphasic patients.

in French: Le test de dénomination de Koenig et Studer

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Felix Studer-Eichenberger