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Quite a lot of children, adolescents, and adults have difficulty making plans or strategies and following through on strategies already made. Thus their behaviour in solving problems is inefficient and erratic. They find solutions by trial and error, but either miss the solution completely or forget some important aspects. The deficiencies in planing concern not only the cognitive level, but also the metacognitive level. They have imperfect control of their problem solving behaviour, they do not give themselves sufficient verbal instructions, they do not reserve sufficient time to complete a task, and they do not manage to transfer their knowledge in order to solve analogous problems. The consequence is that they build up a negative image of their aptitudes and do not feel confident to take on new problems.

Children and adolescents who show such behaviour attract negative attention - particularly in school. They often belong to a group of individuals who get the label "Learning Disabled". Even if they manage to compensate for their deficiencies in problem solving, they generally stay inconspicuous in regular school classes, and usually show some weaknesses in certain activities.

The program "Training of Cognitive Strategies" has been developed in order to help children, adolescents, and adults with these difficulties.

The program is particularly suitable for visually impaired and physically disabled persons because it can also be operated via the keyboard. For visually impaired persons visual supports can be requested.